Posted by: TLC Fellowship | July 2, 2018

Let’s Not Be So Full of Ourselves!

He did it again! I know you will agree with me when I say Pastor G is always on point – even when we don’t shout AMEN! Or PREACH PASTOR! Well, on July 1, 2018, the man did it again. The text was Matthew 18:1-5. The title of the sermon was “Let’s Not Be So Full Of Ourselves”. I can’t pinpoint what part of the sermon sticks with me the most. But his three points are definitely a great takeaway.

Check it out:

  1. Your Gifts Will Make Room For You!
  2. Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously!
  3. Deflate Our Inflated Egos!

All in all what I got from the message is that we need to be have humility. According to Pastor G…

“Humility means to be grounded, to have one’s foot on the ground, to have a realistic opinion and view of oneself”.

Somewhere in Romans, we are told to not think more of ourselves than we are, but with somber judgment (Romans 12:3). What does that mean to you? To me, it means to not take credit for the gifts God has shared with me. It also means don’t get a big head and think you’re all that but know that whatever you have/are/be has little to do with you and a whole lot to do with God.

Personally, I know there are individuals who dislike my take charge attitude. Sorry. I can make excuses for it, but I won’t. I will say that I was raised by a lot of strong Black women who insisted that we be all we can be in God. That we love and share whatever we have been blessed with, and that we maintain an air of humility.  It’s the “humility” part that I want to talk about.

To some being a person with humility means being a doormat. Pastor said, in his sermon, that this is not the case. You don’t have to be a doormat to have humility. Some individuals, while being unapologetically themselves, want you to bow down, hang your head, and cater to them. If you don’t, then you are not a person of humility – you are, in their estimation, arrogant. And arrogant is not the same as confident.

Philosophical writer and speaker, Scott Berkum, suggests the following to define both arrogance and confidence:

“An arrogant person only feels smart if someone else feels stupid… Arrogance is about intent: its when ability (or perceived ability) is used to look down on others.”

“A confident person feels competent from the inside out. They use their talents to genuinely try to be of use… They might seek external validation, but they don’t depend on it to define their sense of their ability or nature.” –

Take a minute and ask yourself if you exhibit humility in your everyday life. Are you openly kind to others? When you are at church, or just out and about, do you speak to those who cross your path, or do you turn and go in another direction just to avoid personal contact?

One thing I know for sure, like Pastor said in his sermon, I want to hear “well done…” from the Lord both now and when I reach the Pearly Gates. I want to live a life of humility defined by God and not by individuals. I can get pretty full of myself sometimes and when I do I am reminded that I can do nothing without God. I am nothing without Him and that all the lessons and blessings in my life come from Him. So I offer this little prayer – “Lord I thank you. I honor you. I love you. Please continue to keep me a humble servant. Help me be of assistance in the ways you want me to be as I do my part in going and growing Your kingdom. Allow my light to shine so that others can see the You within me. Forgive me when I get too full of myself. Thank you Lord – Amen.

If you heard the sermon please share your thoughts. If you didn’t, and have something to say about this post, please feel free.

Until next time…Be A Blessing!


  1. This is sooooo GOOD! I like the idea of you sending it to the membership. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s do this weekly.

    Very nice job!

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