Posted by: TLC Fellowship | August 30, 2017

Back to School by Grace Reddic

Back To School Blog!!

Seventh grade was an amazing year for me and I am totally ready for 8th grade. But the only problem is that I am anxious to see what this year has in store for me. This year I am taking harder classes and teachers are expecting more from me and my fellow classmates. I always try to impress my teachers by being good in class and giving my all in my school work. And this year it is going to be harder to make a good reputation and that is one of the reasons I am anxious. Also, to add to my anxiousness I am taking harder classes. Harder classes mean that I have to put 10x as much effort as I put in my last year classes.

There is nothing wrong with putting a little more extra effort into your work, but I am just anxious to see what is to come. Even with all this pressure and anxiousness riding on me I know that God will find a way to help me through this school year. I had some rough patches during my 7th-grade year and God helped me through all of it. If he did it last year I know for a fact he will most definitely do it this year.


  1. Yes indeed Amazing Grace! Just take one day at a time and do your best!
    God will do the rest!

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