Posted by: TLC Fellowship | April 1, 2017

Do I Have to Accomplish at 150%?

Have you ever felt like your not living up to what God wants you to ? 

Well for me, I have many times. I felt like everybody around me were accomplishing these amazing things that probably made God proud. Yes, I know I am only 12 years old of age and I only need to achieve good grades, and obey my parents , but I feel like I am a over achiever and that I have to do 150% or I have failed to do that task . But God loves us just how we are, and every once and awhile I have to remind myself that and that I’m going to run myself thin if I keep on trying to please God when he is already very proud of me and my achievements. 


                        – Grace Reddic


  1. Grace, I know how you feel and I agree with your assessment – if we do what we are supposed to do then God is pleased.

  2. Very true YOUNG lady! GOD is already more than happy with you Grace!
    Pastor Sho U Wright 😇

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