Posted by: TLC Fellowship | March 20, 2013

No Greater Sacrifice!

by Faye King, Member of TLC Fellowship

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  ~ John 3:16

At TLC Fellowship, during the season of Lent, we have what is called the “Lenten Challenge Calendar” where each day of the week, we are given several challenges for the day, one that includes, of course, a sacrifice.   These challenges could include fasting for 12 hours that day, not eating lunch, doing a good deed and most days it includes “no sugar”.   Some of these challenges we may feel are “no big deal” for us and for some, these challenges are truly a sacrifice.  We are also doing a 15-minute meditation and devotion each day.    Now I must admit, there have been a few days when I have “slipped up”, simply because I honestly didn’t remember what the challenge of the day was.  As I go through this Lenten challenge, I think so much about the sacrifice that God gave of His only son, Jesus Christ.  The few times that I have slipped up and forgotten about the “Lenten challenge” for the day, it posed a few questions in my mind, “What if Jesus had slipped up and forgotten to do what He came to this world to do? What if He had been disobedient and decided that He wasn’t going to die for our sin?  What if God had decided not to give His only Son so that we may be saved?”

I am so thankful that Jesus didn’t “slip up” like we so often do in life.  If He had slipped up, then there would be no chance of eternal life for me or for you.  As we continue in our Lenten Challenge and think that our sacrifice could be more than we want to give up, let us remember that there is no sacrifice greater than the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  I challenge you that whatever you may be struggling with in life to “let go of” or give up, or whenever you “slip up” in your daily walk with God, think about the ultimate sacrifice that God gave to us – His only Son!   But the good news is that no matter how many times we may slip up in this journey of life, thank God that the blood of Jesus has already paid the penalty for our sin!

Prayer:  Dear God, we thank you for sending your one and only Son to die for our sin.  As we go through this Lenten season and we struggle with giving up things or habits in our lives, we ask that you keep us reminded that there is no sacrifice too hard for us because you have already given us the ultimate sacrifice.  Amen!

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