Posted by: TLC Fellowship | December 26, 2012

When God Puts You On Hold

By Pastor Tyrone D. Gordon, Senior Pastor at TLC Fellowship

Job answered: 2 Today my complaint is again bitter; my strength is weighed down because of my groaning.Oh, that I could know how to find him—come to his dwelling place; 4 I would lay out my case before him, fill my mouth with arguments, 5 know the words with which he would answer,
 understand what he would say to me. Would he contend with me through brute force? No, he would surely listen to me.There those who do the right thing can argue with him; I could escape from my judge forever. 8 Look, I go east; he’s not there,
 west, and don’t discover him; 9 north in his activity, and I don’t grasp him;
 he turns south, and I don’t see. 10 Surely he knows my way; 
when he tests me,
 I will emerge as gold. ~ Job 23:1-10

Many of us can relate to the story of Job.  We learn quickly how fickle life, people, and circumstances can be.  Job’s emotional and spiritual life swung like a pendulum from one end of the spectrum to another.  He swung from confidence to uncertainty, from understanding to anger, from peace to confusion, from faith to doubt, from praise to bitterness, from strength to weakness, and from joy to sorrow.  After losing everything he held dear and precious, he felt as if God had put his whole life on hold.  Feelings of abandonment, alienation, punishment, and loneliness filled his mind.  Have you ever been there?

In fact, we’ve all been there! We’ve all been at a place where we’ve felt our lives, destinies, and opportunities were all put on hold.  Everything was off-center and our focus skewed.  Life tore up.  Relationships jacked up.  Mind messed up. Dreams broken up. Future seems locked up.  Faith is shaken up.  Bills are stacking up.  Money is dried up.  And we’re emotionally held up.  Everything was at a standstill and we felt as if God had placed us on hold.  But in those moments I refused to give up.  It was time to look up.  Experience has taught me this—the harder the trial, the greater the coming blessing!

While traveling, there have been times my flight was put in a holding pattern.  We were enroute to a certain and given destination but could not land at the designated or scheduled time.  Being placed in a divine holding pattern does not mean the flight to our destiny has been canceled; it simply means we’re not ready to land yet or even still, it’s not safe to land.  A dream deferred is not a dream denied.  It’s in our holding patterns that God is working in our lives, our situations, in our environments—and on us.  God puts us on hold, not to keep us from our destination but to ensure we get to our destined place in life safe and sound.

Prayer:  “Lord, strengthen our determination, knowing that what you started in us, you will bring out of us.  Help us to have patience to wait until our change comes.”


  1. We can all stand to be reminded that God will always be there for us…especially in the midst of our trials. Praise God!!

  2. Awesome reminder Pastor Gordon of God’s faithfullness to us and that He will never leave us nor forsake us!

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